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Kleopatra - All about Beauty


Kleopatra is a K-Beauty contents media which provides information on Korean makeup, nail arts, fashion, plastic surgery, and many more.Meet the latest K-Beauty trends on Kleopatra through our popular Korean beauty creators![K-Star Makeup]Makeup look from MV [Roll Deep] by HyunA, EXID Hani's sexy makeup, Chun Songyi makeup from [My Love from the Stars], Sulli's natural feminine makeup! We introduce you with all the K-Star makeup you have been wanting to know! Become the next Hallyu(Korean wave) drama actress with Kleopatra!
[Makeup Tutorial]Makeup for Monolids, Natural Nude Korean student makeup, Sophisticated career women Makeup, makeup for a date night with SsumNam! Meet the top beauty creators with their beauty tips on latest Korean makeup trend suited for T.P.O. and the know-how~
[Cosmetics Review]Korean cosmetics are not only being recognized in Asia but also growing throughout the world!
From the luxury brands like Sulwhasoo to mass cosmetic brands like Nature Republic and TONYMOLY!Kelopatra will reveal everything about Korean cosmetic products.Visit Kleopatra NOW for the ultimate cosmetic reviews!
[Plastic Surgery]Korea is the world's plastic surgery capital according to the New Yorker. There are many foreigners who want to get plastic surgery done in Korea but don't have any information, have language barriers, and don't have any idea how to make an appointment with the doctor. Plastic surgery is something that needs to be accomplished with the perfect result, affordable cost, safety, and awareness of side effects. Kleopatra is a trusted companion for people looking into a medical travel to Korea.
※Kleopatra provides all postings in English and Chinese(traditional/simplified).